Out of all the cities we went to on this trip, Vienna has a special place in my heart.  First, I went there on my birthday.  Second, a day to see the sights is not enough.  Third, the place is wonderful.  Check out the pix and judge.

vienna126 vienna125 vienna113

vienna124   vienna123

vienna122  vienna119

vienna118 vienna115 vienna107

vienna117   vienna116

vienna114   vienna14 vienna15

vienna111   vienna120vienna121

vienna109 vienna108 vienna104

vienna105 vienna110vienna112

vienna103 vienna106vienna101

vienna94 vienna95 vienna102

vienna97 vienna98vienna92

vienna100   vienna96vienna99

vienna90   vienna91vienna93

vienna89 vienna88  vienna84

vienna85 vienna80  vienna70  

vienna79   vienna83vienna82

vienna81 vienna77   vienna69

vienna71 vienna66  vienna75  

vienna68  vienna87vienna86

vienna60 vienna58   vienna64

vienna65   vienna44 vienna43

vienna63   vienna55vienna54

vienna53 vienna52   vienna57  

vienna49 vienna46  vienna48




vienna67 vienna73 vienna72

vienna76 vienna17 vienna18

vienna19 vienna20 vienna21

vienna22 vienna23 vienna27

vienna26 vienna24vienna25

vienna28 vienna29  vienna35

vienna34  vienna36 vienna38

vienna37  vienna39 vienna41

vienna40    vienna1

vienna32 vienna33

vienna30 vienna31

vienna2 vienna3

vienna4 vienna5

vienna6 vienna7

vienna8 vienna9

vienna10 vienna11

vienna12  vienna13

vienna16         That’s It in Austria!


6 Responses to “Vienna, Austria – Oct. 7, 2008”

  1. Nenkers Says:

    waaaahhh ang gaganda!!! maski instamatic camera mo maganda paren eh!!! ang sarap nman ng bday mo, sana andun din ako:P

  2. Claudine Says:

    yeah.. sarap kung kasama ang family.. next time.. hanap ka na kasi work dito para sa susunod sama tayo.. kita mo yung birthday ice cream ko?? hehehehe.

  3. katrina Says:

    very very nice!!! grabe ano kaya feeling mo kapag nakita mo yan lahat noh….kung ako yan super goosebumps and awed and humbled. galing! inggit ako!

  4. Claudine Says:

    the first few was wow.. towards the latter part of the trip parang sabi mo museum and churches na naman?? hahahaha!

  5. kerry Says:

    im dying of envy. ang ganda clo. i super love the details of the buildings. masrap ba food?

  6. Claudine Says:

    yup.. i’d love to go back to this place. Ganda talaga nang architecture. As for food, mahal eh.. so we didn’t get to sample real Austrian food. The ice cream and wafer they had was fantastic.

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