If you travel around China, you’ll get the kick out of reading all those signs which are badly translated into English.  I’ll be dedicating this page to all those signs which I’ll add as I travel. 

A.  Kaifeng/Luoyang, Henan Province

IMGP1623     IMGP1625IMGP1624  IMG_3056IMG_3054

B.  Lanzhou, Gansu Province

 IMGP1629 IMGP1650IMGP1651 airport1



3 Responses to “Funny Signs”

  1. katkat82 Says:

    i like the sign “another village hiding” (completely literal to the chinese characters)

  2. katkat82 Says:

    dapat nagturo ka ng english pala sa mga gov’t officials…heehehehehe

  3. Claudine Says:

    hahaha.. oo nga eh.. kaya ko talaga pinicturan.. meron nga sa labas nang building namin eh.. “No Naked Light”

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