Frankfurt wasn’t in our original itinerary but as we really wanted to visit Germany and Munich is out, we had to choose the nearest German city from Paris.  Here are some pictures in Frankfurt.  There wasn’t that much to see there but what we saw were more than enough to like the place.

frankfurt1 frankfurt2

frankfurt3 frankfurt4

frankfurt5 frankfurt6 frankfurt7

frankfurt8 frankfurt9 frankfurt10 frankfurt11

frankfurt12 frankfurt13 frankfurt16

frankfurt14 frankfurt17

frankfurt18 frankfurt19

frankfurt20 frankfurt21

frankfurt22 frankfurt23

frankfurt24 frankfurt25 frankfurt26

frankfurt27 frankfurt28 frankfurt29

frankfurt30 frankfurt31 frankfurt33

frankfurt32 frankfurt34  frankfurt37

frankfurt35 frankfurt36

frankfurt38 frankfurt39 frankfurt41

frankfurt40 frankfurt42

frankfurt43 frankfurt44  frankfurt47

frankfurt45 frankfurt46

frankfurt48   That’s it in Frankfurt!


4 Responses to “Frankfurt, Germany – Oct. 2, 2008”

  1. Neimad Says:

    You look like you always have so much fun travelling!
    Keep uploading the pics, its always a treat to check up
    on your adventures! Take care!

  2. kerry Says:

    nagtry ka ng German beer??

  3. Claudine Says:

    nope.. pero sabi ni Marco sarap daw nang Paulaner.

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