After a detour to Frankfurt, our next stop was the land of tulips and windmills… Amsterdam, Netherlands.  We didn’t get to see any tulips as it was not in season and the windmills are out of the city area.  The museums we went to didn’t allow any photos so this set will be fewer than usual.  Enjoy!

ams1 ams2

ams3 ams4 ams5

ams6 ams7 ams10

ams8 ams9

ams11 ams12 ams13

ams14 ams15

ams16 ams17 ams19

ams18  ams20

ams21 ams22

ams23 ams24

ams25 ams26

ams27 ams28

ams29 ams30 ams44

ams31 ams32

ams33 ams34

ams35 ams36

ams37 ams38

ams39 ams40

ams41 ams42

 ams43  ams45

ams46 ams47

 ams48 ams49

ams50 ams51

ams52 ams53 ams54

ams55 That’s it in Amsterdam!


4 Responses to “Amsterdam, Netherlands – Oct. 3 & 4, 2008”

  1. Nenkers Says:

    public toilet b talaga ung pinuntahan ni marco?! hehehe. Uyyy sa amsterdam ung america’s next top model..hehehe… meron daw dun red light district na nasa windows ung live models showing off fashion hehehehe;)

  2. Claudine Says:

    di kami nakapunta dun.. no more time.. mas na-prioritize ang van gogh museum coz fan si marco nang arts. yung pinuntahan ni marco is really a public toilet.

  3. katrina Says:

    very scenic rin pala amsterdam…meron rin sila parang venice na canalway?

  4. Claudine Says:

    may mga canals din siya.. kaso lang mas marami at malawak ang roads compared to Venice.

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