Hi guys! I’m still here! I’m just in the process of moving my blog to my own site as I’m getting sick and tired of the GREAT FIREWALL OF CHINA.

In any case, I’ll be moving my blog to http://clompy.com. Catch the latest happenings there! I’m also planning to create a sub-domain for my travels and latest starbucks news.

On other news.. I’m quite happy with Danny Gokey out of the running on American Idol.  He’s becoming boring and doesn’t leave a lasting impression.   It will be very difficult to choose between the two finalists.  I look forward to next week’s performance.  I’m rooting for the underdog.. Kris Allen!


nyFirst and foremost, Happy New Year everyone.  When most of my friends are partying, I’m here with a Pinoy family celebrating new year.  We had kare-kare, crispy pata, buttered shrimps and pansit.  It was a simple meal and I really enjoyed it.

The last day of the year means work for people in China.  Traffic was less compared to Christmas.  Fireworks seems non-existent and won’t be visible not until Chinese New Year.  As for me, I was stuck with dry, hacking cough and was coughing like there’s no tomorrow.  The doctor gave me a bunch of medicine which I need to take and one of them made me too drowsy that I almost miss the New Year.


It’s been forever since I wrote on the blog but real life have been very busy.  First was a week training in Hong Kong then had to catch up with my work and prepare for my holiday in Manila.

Currently, I’m in Manila relaxing after a couple of days of whirlwind activities.  My cousin Jason got married to his girlfriend from Cagayan De Oro, Cathy.  From Beijing to Hong Kong to Manila, it was tiring.  Thursday was pure shopping and dentist appointment.  I think I spent almost P10,000 in a day which is not what I intend to do.   Also on Thursday, I got my 2nd generation ipod Touch 16gb.  I’m totally enjoying it and I was able to surf the net in CDO. 


pisa5 My apologies for procrastinating in writing in this blog.  Work has been pretty busy and I don’t have internet access at home.  In any case, I haven’t ran out of blog article ideas, I just need the time to write it all.

As my heading suggested, I’ve edited and posted my pictures in Pisa, Italy.  Click this link to view it or click the photo on the Photo page.  Hopefully, by next week, life is much more calm.

Oh yeah.. I’ll be heading back to the Philippines on Dec. 11-19 for my cousin’s wedding and shopping!  BTW.. Happy Birthday JASON!

My brother told me that it’s better if I focus on one topic for my blog. For example, Beijing stuff only or family/personal stuff only. This was later reinforced when I read an article from FrugalPinoy’s website.

To drive traffic to a website, it would be best to have one thing you will post so that people who are interested in those kind of stuff will come back and read about it. That’s why, I’m currently moving all my posts about Beijing into another blog site and I’d be grateful if you would visit this site as you visited my personal site.

BTW, Starbucks lovers.. you can find the latest stuff in China by clicking on this link.

Also, I have a new name for this blog… it’s now Claudine’s Hideaway. This is the third name change and hopefully the last one.

PS. I’ll be gone for two week to Europe so I’d either write quick notes or none at all.

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chine-i-love-china_1208342980 On my previous blog, I’ve written ten things I hate about China.  Just like in any thing we shouldn’t just look at the bad in things but the good as well.  As such, here are things I love about China.

1.  Low Utility Fees – the government control the utility fees and for the past 3 years I’ve been in Beijing, I spend roughly 50 rmb for Electricity each month.  Water fee is also minimal and we don’t have any restrictions on how much you use.  I know I know.. I should conserve water which I do.


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