Am I really an old biddy that I’m behind the times or am I just too naive or inexperience to presume about exclusivity in a relationship?   My flatmate and I got to talk last night.  He went out with some friends who were in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and they asked him if he and his boyfriend talked about exclusivity.  He then answered, wouldn’t that supposed to be a standard procedure already?  They answered no.

Then it got me thinking, do people in a relationship really need to talk about exclusivity?  What happened to trust?  This isn’t just one relationship that I know of where two people talk about exclusivity.   Is the world really changing that fast?  Maybe I should stay single to get away from complications involved in a relationship??

What’s your take guys?  Do you really talk about exclusivity with your partner?


DSC_0895-01 It was a warm Saturday afternoon when 6 foreign torchbearers with their friends and family set off to a town a 100 kms away from Lanzhou. These torchbearers were armed with bags, toys, notebooks, pens and all other school supplies to share with 206 primary school students and 21 teachers of Gaolan.

The trip was long and bumpy but the scenery was spectacular and amazing. I was hoping we could stop so that we can take some pictures but we weren’t that lucky. When we arrived our destination, the students were waiting for us, waving flags, playing their instruments and chanting “welcome to our school”. You can feel the warmth and the joy in their actions and faces as they welcome their guests to their humble but quaint learning place.