IMGP1652 Ni Hao, 你好! My name is Claudine.  I’ve created this blog to practice my writing skills and to take away the boredom of living alone in another country.

As you can see in my greeting, I’m currently in China specifically Beijing living the Olympic city life. I’m working as a customer service and leasing manager for one of the biggest real estate and management services firm in the region.

I love traveling and have been doing a lot of these with my travel buddy Marco. I’ll be providing you with tips and updates to maximize your holidays and prevent our bad experiences.

Beijing has a lot of food places and I’ll tell you more of this as I try something new. I won’t be able to blog much about the nightlife as I don’t go out that much. However, I can point out which ones are the best and which ones to avoid.

Besides traveling and eating out, I also love to watch movies. Living in a country where you don’t speak the language limits your leisure activities. Most expats tend to hoard dvds and watch it at home. Sad to say I’m one of them.

Do I like to collect?  Not really but I like keeping notes and coins from countries I’ve been to.  If you like collecting Starbucks stuff, I’ll be happy to help you with your collection.  Check my blog once in awhile as I’ll post my next destination.


PS.  This blog is a work in progress.  I’m slowly moving my posts about Beijing to another blog site.


11 Responses to “About”

  1. bloghug Says:

    Hi claudine..:) your blogs is great! by the way i am new here i wish i could make my blogs soon..;)

  2. Edna Lee Mehrtens Says:

    Hey Claudine!
    I will read more of these. I have added your site in my favorites.
    Thanks for sharing! God bless you!
    Ate Edna

  3. Mark Evans Says:


    I work for a new online travel planning service called PlanetEye. One of the things we do is hire freelance writers around the world to offer a local perspective on what to do, and where to eat and stay. If you’re interesting in writing about Beijing, send me an e-mail.


  4. katkat82 Says:

    hey! i don’t know how to use wordpress….i’m impressed with yours. 😛

  5. Claudine Says:

    salamat kath! paturo ka kay calvs.. i’m still learning.. hahahaha

  6. Claudine Says:

    Thanks Shek!

  7. Kristine Says:

    Hi claudine, Kristine here from PEople SUpport. I read your posts and I’m happy that you’re having fun there in China. I linked your blog to mine and I hope you could visit my site in progress as well. Link me too.. 🙂


  8. katrina Says:

    clo! happy bday!!!

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