mahjongI love my iPod Touch.  It’s the perfect replacement to my Palm Zire 72 which keeps dying on me in the middle of the game.  I read ebooks using Stanza, note down my expenses using iXpenseIT, write notes using Fliq and surf the web using Safari.  I also load it up with games like Solitaire, Word Wrap, Deal or No Deal (Lite), Mancala, TicTacTouch and Bowl Lite.

As I only have a credit card issued in China, I can only buy apps from the Chinese Apps Stores.  This is a bummer because the China store doesn’t have a Games category and if they do have games they’re kinda corny.  A games which I’ve been searching for quite some time is Mahjong.  This Mahjong is not the pairs game which is readily available from the US apps store but the Chinese Mahjong with the chow, pong and win.

When I surfed the Chinese apps store on my iPod, the top paid apps was China Mahjong 2.  I quickly read through the description and I was quite happy to find out that my search for the real mahjong is now at it’s end.  I didn’t hesistate to purchase it right away as it’s only $1.99.  It has English and Chinese interface so you don’t have to worry deciphering the characters.  I still don’t get how to win big points but I don’t care.  I don’t have to scramble and fix the tiles and I don’t have to wait for players thinking the next move.  This game replaced my usual Solitaire game as the game I play the most.  It was a good deal and I’m pretty sure for those who know how to play Chinese Mahjong will also purchase the game right away.

Happy Playing!