tv-finalChristmas break seem to have pass by so quick!  It seems like my life has been a flurry of meeting with friends, work or going on a holiday.  I didn’t even miss that much TV and are still catching up with the last remaining episodes of my favorite shows before they ended.   It seems like I have to catch up quickly as some of the shows are already back from Christmas break or will be back in the next couple of week.

Here’s a list of popular shows and their airing date:

  • American Dad – January 18
  • The Closer – January 26
  • CSI: Las Vegas – January 15         
  • CSI: New York – January 14
  • CSI: Miami – January 12
  • Gossip Girl – airing Mondays since January 5
  • Grey’s Anatomy – airing Thursday since January 8
  • Heroes – February 2
  • House – January 19
  • Medium – February 2
  • Smallville – January 15
  • Ugly Betty – airing Thursday since January 8

Prison Break is not yet back and still pending!  Well.. happy watching!  I’ll try to catch up on those recaps hopefully during Chinese New Year!