January 2009

red_cliffAfter 2 weeks of agonizing and looking for friends to watch this movie with me. Marco, Richard, Emerson, Liza and I watched it last night at UME International Complex near the apartment. Each ticket cost RMB 50. My only comment about the cinema is it’s small and the screen was too big from where we sat. Heh!

A lookback on what happened in Red Cliff 1 can be found through this link to my review of that movie. Red Cliff 2 features the ultimate battle between the North and the South. The battle is all because of a woman which the Prime Minister would like to have but can never have. It’s not purely a war film but also an educational experience. You will see where the Chinese acquired their love for football and drinking. The way to prepare tea and read the weather. If you’re diligent, you could probably quote “Sun Tzu’s art of war”. Mulan also came into the picture through Sun Shucai who pretended to be a soldier to spy on the enemy. Homing pigeons which was a thing of the past were also used as message carriers.



tv-finalChristmas break seem to have pass by so quick!  It seems like my life has been a flurry of meeting with friends, work or going on a holiday.  I didn’t even miss that much TV and are still catching up with the last remaining episodes of my favorite shows before they ended.   It seems like I have to catch up quickly as some of the shows are already back from Christmas break or will be back in the next couple of week.

Here’s a list of popular shows and their airing date:

  • American Dad – January 18
  • The Closer – January 26
  • CSI: Las Vegas – January 15          (more…)

Am I really an old biddy that I’m behind the times or am I just too naive or inexperience to presume about exclusivity in a relationship?   My flatmate and I got to talk last night.  He went out with some friends who were in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and they asked him if he and his boyfriend talked about exclusivity.  He then answered, wouldn’t that supposed to be a standard procedure already?  They answered no.

Then it got me thinking, do people in a relationship really need to talk about exclusivity?  What happened to trust?  This isn’t just one relationship that I know of where two people talk about exclusivity.   Is the world really changing that fast?  Maybe I should stay single to get away from complications involved in a relationship??

What’s your take guys?  Do you really talk about exclusivity with your partner?

nyFirst and foremost, Happy New Year everyone.  When most of my friends are partying, I’m here with a Pinoy family celebrating new year.  We had kare-kare, crispy pata, buttered shrimps and pansit.  It was a simple meal and I really enjoyed it.

The last day of the year means work for people in China.  Traffic was less compared to Christmas.  Fireworks seems non-existent and won’t be visible not until Chinese New Year.  As for me, I was stuck with dry, hacking cough and was coughing like there’s no tomorrow.  The doctor gave me a bunch of medicine which I need to take and one of them made me too drowsy that I almost miss the New Year.