November 2008

In one of the financial stewardship class I’ve attended a few years ago, the speaker mentioned that it’s important to get a life insurance.  This will enable you to leave a legacy to your loved one when you move on to the next great adventure.

For some people, however, they said that life insurance or any type of insurance is not for them.  A friend of the family said that she could put the money into good use in their business.  Others shy away from insurance because of the additional cost that won’t benefit them.

So.. what is life insurance?  Do we really need it or not?  While scouting the web, google pointed me to a website where it explained to me what life insurance is.  In short, it explained that life insurance is a financial instrument that is based on caring and love. (Sounds cheesy!)  However, it goes beyond that as the website provide educational video to assist you in understanding more about life insurance.



housemdAfter the “KISS” from last episode, House is in denial of this brewing love/lust interest with Dr. Cuddy.  A change in House’s reaction towards Cuddy made Wilson think that there’s more to the kiss than what House says.  House’s new and former team have also noticed a change in the way he handles confrontations with Cuddy.

In the diagnostic front, Cameron asked House to take a case of a young man who experience pain when he goes out of his house and seizures.  The young man also has inferiority complex and doesn’t like to be in a crowd.  Initially, the reason for his phobia is due to witnessing his girlfriend murdered.  They did an x-ray and found some blockage.  They needed to do surgery but the patient refused to go out of the house.  To solve this dilemma, they did an illegal move but was foiled as Cameron had to do the good thing.  The patient lawyered up so they had to do the surgery at home.  It was actually cool as they cut open one of the blockage fire came out because of gas.  There was no sudden enlightening in this story but the result of the sickness is due to lead poisoning.


csiCSI or Crime Scene Investigation is becoming one of the longest TV series in the US. It started with CSI Las Vegas with William Petersen acting as Gil Grissom as the head of the crime scene unit. They’ve had successful runs as they’re in their 9th season. They’ve lost two of their original crew and have a new CSI this season. In the beginning, it was a must watch but after 8 seasons some of their plots seem to be recurring and their appeal seems to be dwindling. Also, I think you’ve seen the whole of Las Vegas from watching all their episodes.


get_smart_ver4I was working overtime last Saturday when a loud guffaw from one of the staff jolt me from my computations. I put down my pen and went over to his desk and when I got there, I saw him watching a movie by Anne Hathaway. Anne has been a favorite of mine ever since Princess Diary, so I asked him to copy the movie to my portable hard drive. I didn’t notice the name of the movie when I was watching it so I had to check the beginning again just to write this review.

The Original

Get Smart is a 1960s American comedy television series created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. It’s about spy games and agents. They created this series at that time as James Bond and Inspector Closeau are quite popular. The show lasted 5 seasons with 138 episodes.


pisa5 My apologies for procrastinating in writing in this blog.  Work has been pretty busy and I don’t have internet access at home.  In any case, I haven’t ran out of blog article ideas, I just need the time to write it all.

As my heading suggested, I’ve edited and posted my pictures in Pisa, Italy.  Click this link to view it or click the photo on the Photo page.  Hopefully, by next week, life is much more calm.

Oh yeah.. I’ll be heading back to the Philippines on Dec. 11-19 for my cousin’s wedding and shopping!  BTW.. Happy Birthday JASON!