I didn’t know this game at first.  My brother suggested it after I reviewed Farm Frenzy  2.  I admit it’s better than Farm Frenzy 2 as it wasn’t too difficult that you’ll get frustrated when you don’t complete it and it’s not too easy to lose your interest.

Ranch Rush involves a young lady farmer.  She started out with a barn, well and a stack of crates.  It involves 8 weeks with a Farmer’s Market for the first 7 weeks.  She needs to plant clover, tomato, wheat, corn, grapes and pumpkin.  She also needs to harvest honey, ostrich eggs and milk and produce cheese, tomato sauce, and bread.

This game is a combination of strategy and organization skills.  It has two modes: casual and expert.  You need to make a perfect layout which will give you the less movement as possible to complete your orders.  If you make the perfect layout, you could take a snapshot of the perfect layout and save it as jpg.

I started out in casual and the final game was I think the hardest as it took me several tries to finish it as I don’t seem to have enough time.    I’m trying the expert now but it’s not as fun as before.  So, if I find a new game to play, I’m pretty sure Ranch Rush will go bye-bye.