My brother told me that it’s better if I focus on one topic for my blog. For example, Beijing stuff only or family/personal stuff only. This was later reinforced when I read an article from FrugalPinoy’s website.

To drive traffic to a website, it would be best to have one thing you will post so that people who are interested in those kind of stuff will come back and read about it. That’s why, I’m currently moving all my posts about Beijing into another blog site and I’d be grateful if you would visit this site as you visited my personal site.

BTW, Starbucks lovers.. you can find the latest stuff in China by clicking on this link.

Also, I have a new name for this blog… it’s now Claudine’s Hideaway. This is the third name change and hopefully the last one.

PS. I’ll be gone for two week to Europe so I’d either write quick notes or none at all.