September 2008

I run through games like some people go through boy/girlfriends.  Well.. you can’t fault me as some games are boring while others lose their thrill once you’ve completed all stages.  My latest game which I’ve already deleted is Slingo Supreme.

Slingo Supreme is the latest of a series of Slingo games created by Slingo (Hehe! too many slingo in a sentence).  Slingo is a mix of Bingo and slot machine.  You have a card and a pattern where you try to complete by spinning the slot for a combination of numbers.  There are devils, angels, treasure chests, multipliers, coins and challenges.



My brother told me that it’s better if I focus on one topic for my blog. For example, Beijing stuff only or family/personal stuff only. This was later reinforced when I read an article from FrugalPinoy’s website.

To drive traffic to a website, it would be best to have one thing you will post so that people who are interested in those kind of stuff will come back and read about it. That’s why, I’m currently moving all my posts about Beijing into another blog site and I’d be grateful if you would visit this site as you visited my personal site.

BTW, Starbucks lovers.. you can find the latest stuff in China by clicking on this link.

Also, I have a new name for this blog… it’s now Claudine’s Hideaway. This is the third name change and hopefully the last one.

PS. I’ll be gone for two week to Europe so I’d either write quick notes or none at all.

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eiffel After waiting for more than a week and a half, we got our passports back yesterday with our multi-entry Schengen visa.  It was nerve wracking as we already bought our tickets for our flight next Monday.

Right now, we have to finalize all the hotel bookings, rail pass and stuff to bring.  We’ll be travelling to Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin/Munich (still undecided), Prague, Vienna, Venice, Florence, Vatican and Rome.  Some might say it’s a ridiculous and tiring trip but for me, it’s going to be an adventure I won’t forget.  It’s like the amazing race!  hehehe!

Let’s see.. here’s the itinerary we have so far:


I’m a game addict. I usually have one or two games on my PC which I will play till I get sick of it. Usually, once I finish the story mode, I get bored with the game. That’s what happened with Restaurant Rush 2 so I crawled reflexive and astalavista for new games. The game I found … Farm Frenzy 2.

Farm Frenzy 2 is a time management game and the sequel of Farm Frenzy. The object is to complete a set of task within a time limit to earn points to buy in the shop. In certain levels, you need to buy a specific upgrade or shop in order to proceed. In a level, you have 3 types of chance to win points, the normal, silver and gold.


I needed to relax after a stressful week so I thought about watching a movie. There were two English movies showing in Wanda Cinemas and the staff was only able to tell me one of the English names. I was hoping I could watch “Mummy 3” but it’s no longer showing. So, I watched the movie “Flood”. I didn’t know this movie was shown in 2007 but they’ve just released it right now in Beijing.

The movie stars Robert Carlyle as Rob Morrison, Jessalyn Gilsig as Sam Morrison, Tom Courtenay as Leonard Morrison, Joanne Whalley as Patricia Nash and David Suchet as Deputy Prime Minister Campbell. Anyway, the story involved a storm and flood (heh!). The storm hit the US and cross the Atlantic towards Ireland and England. There was heavy flooding in Wick, Scotland and everyone was blaming the government because they didn’t give enough warning. The Meteorological Bureau said that the storm was too erratic to predict the movement.


I’ve been reading some news on when I happen to glance an article in their money smarts blog entitled “How much to invest for the long haul?” It says there that according to the rule of thumb in the Asian Wall Street Journal’s “Lifetime Guide to Money”, we should subtract our age from 100 and add a percentage sign.

When I read it, I had to exclaim “WHAT?!” I thought I was doing great already but it seems like in order for me to retire comfortably I have to do more. What shall I do?? I’ve been saving money but I guess it’s not enough. 😦

To top it all, my travel buddy Marco and I are planning our European Tour. We will be submitting our visa application this Wednesday and hopefully we will get our visa. If it pushes through, I will have to scrimp in the next couple of months in order to recuperate the cost of this trip. Oh well.. I’m willing to do that as I’ve already bought some Christmas gifts already. That means I won’t be able to go home for my cousin’s wedding. 😦

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