Having lived here for almost 5 years. You get used to all the quirks and cultural differences that the Chinese have. However, there are still things which you cannot stand and here are the top ten things I hate about China.

1. Smoking – I’m a non-smoker and I can’t stand people smoke around me. In China, people don’t care if you hate smoking or not. I hope I don’t get diseases related to second-hand smoking.

2. Spitting – You walk around the city and every few meters or so, you’ll see saliva. It’s even gross to see it freeze on the floor when it’s winter. It’s not just spitting that’s so gross but the sound they make before they spit. Eww.. gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. BTW.. there’s a fine of RMB 50 IF they catch you spitting. That’s a major IF.

3. Holiday Schedule – Only in China wherein you have to work 9 days straight in order to get 7 days straight holidays or you have thurs-sat holiday and work from sun-fri. Geez.. I’d rather have a 5 day holiday or a 3 day weekend than work on a Sunday.

4. Queue Jumping – it’s survival of the fittest. If you don’t have the guts to jump in the queue, you won’t get anywhere. However, they’re trying to teach people how to queue now but it’s not going to happen overnight.

5. Sudden change of plans/schedule – this is one major headache for a person who likes to plan ahead. I remember when I was teaching, I can’t plan my holiday travels as they won’t tell you the schedule not until 1 or 2 days before it’s bound to happen. Also, they will just tell me at 7am that my class for 9am is cancelled.

6. Bad Breath – a friend of mine said, how can they stand kissing each other with their breath? I tell you it’s really bad and sometimes when they want to make a point, they will lean closer to you and open their mouth in front of your face. As you don’t want them to lose face, you just bear with it.

7. Bad Body Odor – Oh man! This really sucks! I remember one time I was riding an airconditioned bus and a guy sat beside me right underneath the air-con vent. He was trying to air his armpits and wow! he smells big time! The lady who was standing beside me even moved away and I did so after a few minutes.

8. Great China Firewall – I can’t access a lot of sites from China! The government ban them. A lot of blog sites are off limits and if there are sensitive news which depicts China in a bad light, they ban it as well. Where’s the freedom of speech eh? I guess they’re still a bit communistic.

9. Pollution – only in China wherein if yahoo says it’s “Smoke”, that means it’s so polluted. The atmosphere here is really bad and I don’t know how they plan to fix it in time for the Olympics. I mean there was one time after lunch when the world suddenly turned dark like it’s 7pm. The cars have their headlights on and the lamplights are on as well and that’s after lunch!

10. Rule changes – I hate to be a lawyer in China. It seems like almost every week there’s a new rule or law that’s implemented. It’s hard to keep up with everything. What is acceptable this week may not be next week.

Well.. that’s it.. 10 things! Do you still want to live here?